Naturally occurring T cell products

We aim to generate and use populations of the patient’s own (autologous) naturally occurring T cells. These cells are specifically selected for their ability to recognize cancer-related or viral markers and are activated ex vivo to reverse the inhibition often caused by the tumor micro environment.

Genetically-modified immune cell products

Alternatively, we genetically modify the immune cells with an artificial receptor designed to allow them to specifically recognize and target tumor cells. These artificial receptors are known as chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) as they contain molecular structural elements that are not naturally combined in this way. With our CAR technology we are able to graft a defined specificity onto an immune effector cell.

We apply a similar approach to the artificial modification of the T cell receptor (TCR). This opens up a whole range of additional targetable cancers by allowing the T cell to recognize cancer antigens inside the cancer cell. This is the approach we are employing with this TCR technology.